Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Brother, DO NOT CURSE!

Ezra has decided that the cupboard on our computer desk is his own personal garage. He parks cars and stuffed toys in there and occasionally the cat if she's foolish enough to crawl inside. Well, the other day he wanted to park a large tractor inside. It was too big and he could drive it in as far as the back tires which would get stuck. When this happened, the tractor would roll out. He put up with this for about fifteen minutes but after the final unsuccessful tractor-parking he looked up at me and said "What the hell!". He then proceeded to say it every time the tractor rolled out of the "garage". Well, at least it wasn't the f-word this time.

As for Canaan; he let me know last Sunday that even in the hospital, his dignity is paramount. He had to use a urinal bottle at one point and it was mostly successful but he got a small amount of pee on himself. He found this DEEPLY offensive. The next time I asked him "Canaan, do you have to pee?" he answered "Not in a BOTTLE I do NOT!".

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