Sunday, July 26, 2009

IF I ever have another baby

here are the names I'm (yes, already) considering.

Lailie (born into light)
Naomi (pleasant)
Salome (peace)
Aditi (free and unbounded)
Devi (deh-vee) (the beloved, adored one)

Levi (united)
Malachai (messenger of god)
Adlai (my witness)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Well, the weather here isn't very summery, but we've been out enjoying what sunshine we're getting. I took some great pictures of Canaan amongst the daisies today!

Trying to operate a sprayer attachment-tough stuff!!

"I'se pickin' da fa-yers!!"

Daisies do NOT need their tops.

What, mama?

Friday, July 10, 2009


Some photos of Big and El Squisho:

The tractor man himself

Are we seeing a theme here??

No, he doesn't do as much as Big, but he gazes beautifully!

I love those gummy smiles!

Channeling Zoolander...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The new version of "Goodnight Moon"

"Goodnight towel! Goodnight dinosaurs! Goodnight fan! Goodnight sandal!....oh....Goodnight brother!"

Fruit and veggies

Canaan (decidedly): "I'se NOT a grape!"
Me: "No, you're not a grape..."
Canaan "I'se an ONION!!"
Me: "..."


Canaan's newest and most-oft used phrase is "I WANT dis!" Occasional variation-"I WANT dat!" It is used to refer to all things that are "not for BAY-bies!" When the inevitable "you may not have that" ensues, it is followed by a fluttering of incredibly long lashes and a "Peeeeeease??" "Pease" is the magic password that is supposed to give even the most recalcitrant mommy the desire to open her heart and hand the poor, unloved toddler the...steak knife, seltzer bottle, dinner fork, cell phone or (this morning) the eyeshadow. With which he painted the floor before coming to me with the (now stuck shut) eyeshadow and saying "I need HALP!" When HALP was not forthcoming (in fact, the horrible ogre formerly known as "Mommy" actually proceeded to take the eyeshadow away and place it on an inaccessible shelf) a meltdown of incredible strength and fury ensued. It lasted...3 seconds, approximately. It went like this: Seconds 1 and 2-"IEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Second 3 "Oooh, look at the pony!" Crisis over. At least for now.