Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sneaky, sneaky Brother!

We've just recently taken the rail off of Ezra's crib and now that he's figured out how to sneak out, nighttime is full of new adventures. Two nights ago my husband heard him playing with Buzz Lightyear (darn those noisy toys-foiling babies like that!) and went to check. 

When Ezra heard him coming he tried to climb back in bed, but he wasn't fast enough. So instead, he decided to just stand VERY still and close his eyes and hope Daddy thought he was asleep! Of course it didn't work, but it sure was funny!

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Kid Swears

Is it wrong that I'm proud he can do it in context??

Yesterday, Ezra was riding on a large bucket tractor. It's not really a ride-on, so he gets stuck sometimes. To make it interesting, he was wearing a pair of rubber boots that belong to his brother-they're much, much too big. One boot got caught on the tractor and he screeched indignantly. My friend disentangled him and as he angrily stomped off we heard him mutter "Fuckin' SHOES!!". Just like Daddy...sigh.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring! It's here!!

The snow is finally melting and the boys and I went on a walk today!

Canaan decided to lay down here-wet, he found out.
As always, here comes Brother to help!
He was kicking the snow "just like a racecar!!" Huh?
"Oooh, be so CAREFUL!!" said Ezra.
Alas, sometimes careful just isn't enough.
Canaan just figured out that there are power lines up above his head.
Still pondering those power lines!
Canaan was hiding. From what, I do not know.