Saturday, November 20, 2010

A "Gross" Misunderstanding

Yesterday, Canaan was watching a show about a farm. All was well until I heard an unearthly shriek from his room. My first thought was that somebody had flipped the switch that controls the television, so I went to fix it. The television was still on, however, and Canaan was gesturing toward it agitatedly. On the screen was a pig sitting in a pen, covered in mud. He started yelling "Mommy! Mommy! You need to CLEAN THIS PIGGY! He is covered in POOP! OH NO!" He was really upset and I was having SUCH a hard time not laughing about it! He calmed down once I explained it was dirt, but now every time he sees the pig he comes to me to confirm "Piggy is just dirty? Not poopy?"

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Reading to Ezra

This is what happens when you read a book to Ezra:

Me: "A cow says moo"
Ezra: "MOOOO! They say MOOOOO! MOOOOOO!"
Me: "A sheep says-"
Ezra: "Cows say MOOOOOOO!"
Me: "Right. 3 singing pigs say..."
Ezra:*turns page* "No, no, nonononono"
Me: "The pigs say oink"
Ezra: "MOINK! Piggies! MOOOOOOOINK!"
Me: "Rhinoceroses..."
Ezra: "MOINK!" *runs away*

This is why story time is NOT a before-bed activity at my house. Not calming at all.

Monday, November 8, 2010


For his birthday, Canaan received a Bruder Jeep and horse trailer set. It came complete with a brown rubber horse to pull around in the trailer. This morning, I asked Canaan what he wanted to name it, and without hesitation he answered "Charlie". Yes, my child named his new toy "Charlie Horse". I am so proud.

Yes, Really

Earlier today, I heard the lovely sound of toddler laughter emanating from the small squishy one. As any mother can tell you, this is a sound that should be investigated immediately; its source is usually Things Not Allowed. When I tracked down the small one, he wasn't doing anything not allowed...exactly. He was banging his forehead on the wall and laughing hysterically at the subsequent hollow noise (from the wall, not his head). Other kids play with toys to amuse themselves-mine beats his face on a wall. Someday when he does something epically foolish (and he will) I'll know exactly why.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Birthday Boy

Canaan turned 3 yesterday, and his Gramper bought him a tricycle! Here he is, in all his glory! (Next purchase-helmet!)