Thursday, November 18, 2010

Reading to Ezra

This is what happens when you read a book to Ezra:

Me: "A cow says moo"
Ezra: "MOOOO! They say MOOOOO! MOOOOOO!"
Me: "A sheep says-"
Ezra: "Cows say MOOOOOOO!"
Me: "Right. 3 singing pigs say..."
Ezra:*turns page* "No, no, nonononono"
Me: "The pigs say oink"
Ezra: "MOINK! Piggies! MOOOOOOOINK!"
Me: "Rhinoceroses..."
Ezra: "MOINK!" *runs away*

This is why story time is NOT a before-bed activity at my house. Not calming at all.

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