Thursday, July 29, 2010

We Got a Cat-Maybe a Bad Move

So, I got a kitten. We fostered one for our upstairs neighbor for a few days and everyone enjoyed her so much that we got a cat of our own. The boys are thrilled with her, and Canaan has named her "Flower". Unfortunately, the affection of toddlers is a dangerous thing. Canaan spent an entire week trying to convince me that the kitty didn't mind when he picked her the head. His reasoning? "Monarch doesn't mind when I grab HIS head!" Monarch is a pony-a toy pony. Monarch also doesn't mind being tossed in the washing machine, so I'm pretty sure that his level of tolerance is slightly higher than a cat's.
This week, he has finally gotten over trying to carry her, and now just likes to sit with her on the couch. Today though, he tried to sit on her. I'm still not very clear on why.

Ezra also loves her very much, and every time he sees her he bounces excitedly and yells "Kit-TAAAAAYYYY!" Then he goes up to her, touches her nose with his nose, and tries to poke her in the eye. Without fail. Luckily, she's quite agile and his hand-eye coordination isn't great. At least he's realized that he can't eat her-he stuck her tail in his mouth yesterday, looked at me and said "Yuck". Yuck, indeed.

The Tiny Dictator

Canaan is lecturing Ezra on why he shouldn't stand in the highchair: "No, no Brother, you sit on you BOTTOM! You stand, you fall on you head! Then you cry, you yell, you fuss, you whine-you be SO SAD! It will make you sad if you fall on you head. You sit and do clapping." Brother is not impressed. The fact that Canaan finds pretty much everything worth "crying, yelling, fussing and whining" over may have something to do with it.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Like a lot of toddlers, Canaan throws his toys when he gets mad. Earlier today he got really angry with Ezra over something, and he stomped over to me and said "Don't throw THE BROTHER!!" with a HUGE frown. Luckily, he can't even lift Ezra, so throwing him isn't exactly a real danger.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Blanket Generalizations, or, Why Cows Live Outdoors

My husband forgot his dinner today. We went to the farm to bring it to him, and used it as an opportunity to go in the barn and see the "milkin' 'sheen" (milking machine). 
While visiting the cows, one pooped on the floor as cows often do.Canaan looked shocked and immediately said "Oh no cow!! You had an accident! You should poop in the potty, not on the floor!"

The entire ride home was spent talking about the cow's "accident". He remains unconvinced that cows don't use a toilet, especially since he saw a toilet in the barn and used it himself. He kept reiterating that "pooping on the floor is NOT a good idea! Always poop in the POTTY!" 

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Canaan Channels the Zac Brown Band

Canaan really, really likes to sing. One of his new favorites is The Zac Brown Band's "Where the Boat Leaves From". However, he can't get the words quite right.

Their version:
So get away to where the boat leaves from
It takes away all of your big problems
You got worries you can drop them in the blue ocean
But you gotta get away to where the boat leaves from

His version:
Get away, to where the boat leaves from
It takes away all of your big problems
The brothers can jump into the blue ocean
But you gotta get away to where the boat leaves from*

I am not sure if he thinks Ezra would enjoy jumping into the ocean or not, but Canaan certainly thinks it's a good idea. Some days more so than others. 

*All lyrics not in bold courtesy of The Zac Brown Band

Ezra's River Nile

My house is falling down around my ears, thanks in no small part to my children. Ezra has apparently appointed himself the King of Destruction; he is not content unless he is sitting in the midst of a shambles. His new favorite thing is "cleaning" my refrigerator-he yanks open the door and frantically opens both the vegetable crisper drawers, flinging produce far and wide.
Today, he proved that he is devious beyond my suspicions. I was cleaning up the living room when I thought I heard running water. As the only adult home, I knew without a doubt that water should not be running. I proceeded to the kitchen, and there sat Ezra in front of the open refrigerator. He had discovered the container of Gatorade with a dispenser spout on it and promptly flipped the stopper open. A river of green was coursing towards my cardboard recycling and my back door (did I ever mention that my apartment floors are slightly slanted?). I snatched up the baby and staunched the nuclear-colored hemorrhage. Damage averted...for now. Ezra the Fierce Beast, King of Destruction, will strike again soon.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Recent Canaan-isms

Canaan was mad at me because I wouldn't let him have hay for dinner (he discovered today that hay is cow food). He also told me, in his infinite wisdom, that "If daddy's farm made tractors and not just cow food, they would have lots and lots and LOTS of tractors!".

Last week, he told me quite decisively that he needed "A hundred and four dollars". He never told me why, but mentions it every once in a while still. Immediately following, he always says "You are not getting a hundred and four dollars". At least he knows.