Thursday, July 29, 2010

We Got a Cat-Maybe a Bad Move

So, I got a kitten. We fostered one for our upstairs neighbor for a few days and everyone enjoyed her so much that we got a cat of our own. The boys are thrilled with her, and Canaan has named her "Flower". Unfortunately, the affection of toddlers is a dangerous thing. Canaan spent an entire week trying to convince me that the kitty didn't mind when he picked her the head. His reasoning? "Monarch doesn't mind when I grab HIS head!" Monarch is a pony-a toy pony. Monarch also doesn't mind being tossed in the washing machine, so I'm pretty sure that his level of tolerance is slightly higher than a cat's.
This week, he has finally gotten over trying to carry her, and now just likes to sit with her on the couch. Today though, he tried to sit on her. I'm still not very clear on why.

Ezra also loves her very much, and every time he sees her he bounces excitedly and yells "Kit-TAAAAAYYYY!" Then he goes up to her, touches her nose with his nose, and tries to poke her in the eye. Without fail. Luckily, she's quite agile and his hand-eye coordination isn't great. At least he's realized that he can't eat her-he stuck her tail in his mouth yesterday, looked at me and said "Yuck". Yuck, indeed.

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