Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ezra's River Nile

My house is falling down around my ears, thanks in no small part to my children. Ezra has apparently appointed himself the King of Destruction; he is not content unless he is sitting in the midst of a shambles. His new favorite thing is "cleaning" my refrigerator-he yanks open the door and frantically opens both the vegetable crisper drawers, flinging produce far and wide.
Today, he proved that he is devious beyond my suspicions. I was cleaning up the living room when I thought I heard running water. As the only adult home, I knew without a doubt that water should not be running. I proceeded to the kitchen, and there sat Ezra in front of the open refrigerator. He had discovered the container of Gatorade with a dispenser spout on it and promptly flipped the stopper open. A river of green was coursing towards my cardboard recycling and my back door (did I ever mention that my apartment floors are slightly slanted?). I snatched up the baby and staunched the nuclear-colored hemorrhage. Damage averted...for now. Ezra the Fierce Beast, King of Destruction, will strike again soon.

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