Friday, October 15, 2010

Cats Are Confusing

Canaan loves, loves, loves the kitty, but finds the actual process of learning basic cat anatomy to be confusing (maybe it's the fur??). Say "Canaan, pick up kitty around the tummy" and he inevitably goes for the head. For a long time he was also unclear as to which end of kitty was the front, but he seems to have resolved that. However, the matter that still brings him to deep puzzlement is the matter of kitty's teeth and claws.
He has mentioned the cat's claws more than once; when asked if he wanted Flower (the cat) to sleep in his bed, he said "no, because Kitty's toes are too sharp sometimes". Reasonable enough. Cats are infamous for turning from balls of snuggly fluff into prickly little scratch-machines, this is true. My most vividly remembered moment is this: Canaan is playing too roughly with the kitty. She carefully unsheathes ONE claw and lightly pokes him in the arm (a sort of kitty "hey, stop it!" sign). Canaan looks up at me and goes "Mommy, kitty has teeth in its FEET!!" Then, in a more speculative tone, "Mommy, kitty's head is in its toes??". Of course, that matter has since been resolved, but he still refers to the cat's claws as "teeth in its feet".


  1. Hi Sarah! I always enjoy reading your posts on DT. Awesome blog you have here!

    Mary (jmjbaby21 on BBC)

  2. Thanks so much!! Glad I could amuse!