Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Canaan the Ninja

So my kids aren't allowed to drink soda for the most part, except maybe a sip. Therefore, soda is equated with the Water of Life by the boys, especially Canaan.

Last week, I bought everyone fast food for lunch. I got a soda-a Diet Coke. It was late in the afternoon-no soda for the kids. Canaan disagreed with the ruling though and started looking for a way to circumvent it. Finally, he saw an opening when our friends decided to visit. He waited until I was good and distracted, and entered....Stealth Mode. For a 3-year-old that communicates mainly at ear-shattering decibels, Stealth Mode doesn't come easily. Apparently it worked though, because mid-conversation I glanced down to find him laying on the floor at my feet, calmly sucking soda out of the cup. Did he look guilty, you ask? No, he screeched with rage when the soda was removed and placed on a shelf. He better have a future in the CIA.

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