Sunday, May 15, 2011

Flowery English

Canaan has always been very theatrical, tending toward the melodramatic. His tantruming screeches often reach operatic decibels and every injury is a tragedy. Lately he has been lending his flair for the dramatic to his apologies. Like many kids, he has a nightlight in his room. However, his is not due to a fear of the dark-he just likes it because it's shaped like a train. The downside to a nightlight is that he can see to get out of bed and play when he's supposed to be sleeping. The rule is that if he gets out of bed, the nightlight goes away until he falls asleep-if he can't see to play, he stays in bed. He does get one chance to earn it back and go to sleep with it on-two violations and it's gone for the night. Last night he got the nightlight taken away and after a few minutes of enraged screeches he quieted back down. When I went into his room to check on him, he said "Mommy, I am so terribly, terribly sorry! May I please have my nightlight back now?" I laughed but did give him back the light!

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