Friday, May 21, 2010

Moments that make you go "NOOOOOOO!"

Yesterday, I was folding laundry. The children were playing happily and quietly, so I should have guessed that something was up, but I just counted my blessings and kept folding. Ten minutes in...(in order to properly picture the scene, imagine all of Canaan's sentences ending in a squeak).
Canaan: "Brother's playing in the WATER!!"
Me: "What water? Where? Why is brother playing in water in the house?"
Canaan: "Brother found water in the bathroom! I help him open the water!"
Me:"" (running)
Canaan "See brother, Mommy? Brother!!"

Entering the bathroom, I view Ezra....happily splashing in the toilet.
Canaan: "See? I help brother! I so kind!"
Me: "EWWWW!"

Yes, my kid played in the toilet. Thank goodness I had cleaned it the day before. Now I can't keep him out of the bathroom.

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