Friday, May 14, 2010

The Beast Has Awoken (permanently, it seems)

Apparently, in the 18 months since the Big turned one, I have forgotten something that goes with baby birthdays. Funky sleep patterns. My precious, adorable, sleeps-like-a-log Ezra has turned whiny, fussy and WAKE-Y. He is NOT interested in going to sleep. He is less interested in staying asleep. He won't even consider going back to sleep without being re-fluffed, re-tucked, re-pacified, and requires many, many windings of his musical "Giraffe-y". I know all the moments when small boys need their Mommy gradually lessen over time and I should be grateful for his babyness-but I'm not likely to feel that sentimental at 3 AM. Fat Ezra-I love you; now please turn back into sound-sleeper Ezra. Thank you.

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