Saturday, March 13, 2010

Good Parenting

One of the most amusing (and occasionally sobering) things about having a toddler is constantly having your own actions reflected back at you. Canaan models his words, actions and tone of voice on the things that I do. It's most noticeable when he repeats me verbatim, or when he says something cringe-worthy that he learned from me. It is nice to see that he is learning from me how to be empathetic though, and he also watches out for baby Ezra very nicely. Yesterday:

Setting: Canaan's room.

Ezra is crawling into the corner.

Canaan: "No, no buddy! Get out of there, buddy! You don't want to play in there! (exasperatedly) "Come OUT OF THERE, baby Ezra! OUT OF THERE!" 

He sounded just like me.

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