Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy post-holidays!

I hope everyone survived the glorious holiday season with their sanity intact (we will forever take a cue from Canaan and call it "Cursemas"). The boys got many, many toys; favorites include their new mini-trampoline from their grandparents and the much-lauded Pillow Pets. Here are some Christmas pictures and a video of a jumping Ezra.

Canaan and the glorious PURPLE PONY!! 

 Ezra stuffing his chipmunk cheeks!

Ezra jumping!!


  1. I found your blog from BBC DT siggy. How did you get it put in your siggy with the hyperlink?
    totally awesome...

  2. Thanks for reading!! If you PAN me on BBC I'll be glad to tell you how I did the link, too. (It's a little OT for my comments section).