Friday, April 2, 2010

Ah, the hazards of bathtime.

After a long day of playing in the giant sandbox at our local playground, both of my children were sorely in need of a bath. Now, bathing two children in one tub is so drastically different from bathing one child, it should really have a different name.
It begins thusly: while the children are eating dinner, I remove all of the toys from the tub, scrub it and fill it. I have approximately 30 seconds to accomplish this before Canaan comes racing in saying "Tub? Tub? I can have tub? Now? Now? NOW???" He continues in this vein for approximately 10 minutes or until I banish him.
After it is full, I get the baby and place him in the tub. As soon as he glimpses the water, he begins waving his arms furiously in preparation for all of the splashing he wants to accomplish. Once they are both in the tub, I have a few minutes of peace before Canaan decides to become creative.
Tonight, he decided to clean. He took a Hello Kitty toothbrush and carefully scrubbed, in this order, the tub, his brother, the spout cover and lastly his own teeth. He then attempted to brush my teeth but I dodged. Then he tried to "swarsh (wash) the Mommy" but I dodged that too (becoming a mother is wonderful for honing the reflexes!) So, bottom line-my kids are clean, and so is my floor. Unintentional multitasking is still multitasking!

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