Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wants and Needs

Canaan has recently earned the privilege of accompanying me on foot through the grocery store rather than riding in the cart. He is actually quite well-behaved and I like the fact that it tires him out quite a bit. Yesterday, we were concluding our grocery-purchasing activities through the diaper aisle when the following scenario occured:
Setting: Price Chopper grocery aisle.
Players: Mommy, super-loaded grocery cart, fat baby, toddler.

Canaan is barreling along when...
(Picture a small child stopping so fast that his shoes almost come off).
"Mommy, that is a MONSTER TRUCK. I want that MONSTER TRUCK. I NEED THAT MONSTER TRUCK. I get it!"
(This was not a tantrum; he was so fascinated with it that he crouched down and rested his nose gently on the molded plastic frame).
We are now the proud owners of one overpriced Monster Jam monster truck. It is SUPER NEAT!

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